Sixbell introduces PureSocial

PureSocial is a solution for digital channel services deployed in Amazon’s cloud, which allows the capabilities of Genesys PureCloud, Genesys PureConnect, and Genesys PureEngage to be enriched with new features. These social networks can be integrated with Genesys through PureSocial:

  • Messenger
  • Facebook Wall
  • Twitter (Mentions and Direct Messages)
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS

By using the same agent desktop that we use for the voice channel, and the same interaction routing engine, the solution allows us to deliver a consistent experience across all service channels and allows us to decrease the customer’s effort when interacting with an agent by incorporating the context of the conversation. This allows us to have a true 360-degree view of our entire service front.

Functionally, it allows us to do things like share documents through messaging applications, listen and transcribe voice messages sent by the client, translate conversations in a bidirectional way, share photos and videos through messaging applications, etc.

In the specific case of PureCloud, the PureSocial platform integrates with both PureCloud 2 and PureCloud 3, allowing us to take advantage of all their functionalities:

– Reception of interactions in the native PureCloud interface

– Storage of conversation recording in the PureCloud interface

– Assigning a termination code for each conversation

– Use of automatic responses

– Ability for the agent to add notes to the conversation

– Possibility to configure the customer’s profile, adding integrated information from messaging and social networking applications In short, PureSocial allows us to integrate the above-mentioned social media into Purecloud, PureConnect and PureEngage by leveraging the full power of Genesys solutions