Sixbell introduces Conversations, the solution that improves customer experience

Conversations is a solution whose main objective is to generate Digital Engagement with customers. It is mainly aimed at companies that have segmented their customers, and that have personal agents. It basically aims to empower the customer by allowing them to choose the channel through which they always prefer to communicate with their manager .

Conversations is a Cloud Multitenant platform that allows:

  • Multiple interaction channels (whatsapp, chat, twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Youtube, …)
  • Personalized attention from an executive
  • Derive interactions to a contact center solution (if any)
  • Monitoring of conversations between executives and clients
  • Recording of conversations
  • Implementing automated self-service flows
  • Customer authentication

Conversations has an integration module that allows the consumption of Cloud services and integration with legacy systems of the companies, providing great flexibility to generate models of attention that are aligned with digital transformation strategies.  In this way, Conversations offers the possibility of using web services, designing self-service solutions using bots and cognitive engines, transcribing voice messages to text and text to voice, or translating voice messages and text into different languages.

Among its benefits are:

  • Substantial improvement of the customer experience
  • Making informal conversations corporate.
  • Analyze the conversations
  • Increase relationship channels, improve sales channel
  • Engagement with clients.
  • Alignment with the companies’ Digital Transformation strategy